Andrew Croft Memorial Fund

Grants to support the education and development of young people, particularly for Arctic expeditions and research.

No minimum or maximum level of grant is specified.


Before You Start

The Andrew Croft Memorial Fund Grant is provided and administered by the Andrew Croft Memorial Fund and is available to voluntary and community organisations in the UK.

The scheme is intended to support organisations who are working to further the education and training of young people undertaking Arctic expeditions.


Information regarding restrictions has not been stipulated.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Organisations and individuals in the UK are eligible to apply.

Match Funding

Match funding is likely to be required as funding will not cover the entire cost of trips.

Eligible Expenditure

Funding is available for the following:

  • The advancement of education of young people so as to develop their mental, physical and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society by the provision of grants to participate in expeditions, particularly to the Arctic.
  • The advancement of the education of young people below the age of thirty in the areas of field work and research and the support of scientific Arctic expeditions.
  • Projects that benefit the inhabitants of Arctic communities.
  • Assisting members of Her Majesty's Constabulary with the cost of further education and training which will enhance their effectiveness within the community.

How To Apply

The Trustees’ Grants Meeting takes place every April, therefore, applications for funding must be submitted between the 15 of December and the 15 of March. Applications received at other periods may not be scrutinised.

The application process is divided into two stages. Applicants should contact the fund by either e-mail or letter in the first instance, outlining their reasons for seeking the Fund's support.

Applicants whose projects fall within the remit of the Fund will be sent a formal application form and invited to proceed to stage two.