The aim of Acceler8me is to help entrepreneurs and existing businesses in the UK to grow. Support is available to companies of all sizes, operating across all industries.

Assistance is available across two main areas:

  • Advice
    Advice is offered to businesses on the different types of funding that are available to them. These businesses will be assisted to help them secure first and second round funding, using Acceler8me’s own network of investors based in London, Sussex and overseas.

    Acceler8me will often source new investors for projects that require an investor with a specific skill set if necessary. Acceler8me believes that there are many different types of investors and sees its job as matching the right investor with the right project in order to being the company the best results.
  • Mentoring and Coaching
    Acceler8me offers mentoring and coaching to companies to help them get their businesses into the right position for investment, working closely with a board of business experts who review each company Acceler8me works on, set plans and then help them execute these plans. Through this method the chances of companies getting funding quickly is quadrupled, as it is often the future investors we mentor these companies with.
  • Acceler8 Program. This will be a program ran once a year. Acceler8me will invite everyone to enter, and choose six companies to go forward. These companies will then receive £15,000, mentoring and coaching for leaders in their industry and office space for two months. After two months the companies will be put out for investment, not only to Acceler8me’s group of investors, but other investment networks around the country. A representative from Acceler8me will be available to spend time with potential investee businesses and listen to their pitches. A representative is currently based in Cardiff. Companies are also invited to send in an investment summary to for consideration and feedback.