Aberdeenshire SAB Loans

Interest free and low interest loans available to businesses in Aberdeenshire to fund the purchase of plant and equipment and working capital.

There are two types of SAB loan available:

  • Interest-free loans up to £20,000 for the purchase of new or used plant or equipment, repayable over a period of up to five years.
  • Low-interest loans up to £25,000 for working capital, repayable over five years.

Minimum loan awarded is £5,000.


Before You Start

The SAB Loans are provided by Aberdeenshire Council as part of the SAB (Supporting Aberdeenshire Business) programme.

The aim of the scheme is to provide interest free and low interest loans to businesses in Aberdeenshire to fund the purchase of plant and equipment and working capital.


Interested parties should note the following restrictions:

  • Retrospective applications will not be accepted.
  • Successful applicants may not reapply for another six months.
  • Businesses in the fishing and farming sectors are restricted.
  • Funding is provided in accordance with State Aid restrictions.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Assistance is available to businesses in Aberdeenshire.

Proposed projects should meet the following criteria:

  • Bring additional economic benefit to Aberdeenshire.
  • Demonstrate viability.
  • Have the potential to increase employment in the Aberdeenshire area.
  • Prove that there is a need for top-up finance over and above what is available on the open market or within the business.
  • Have no detrimental effect on existing Aberdeenshire businesses.

Additional terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Company directors are required to give repayment guarantees for loans.
  • Heritable security will be required for loans over £25,000.
  • Loan fees will be charged out by the Legal and Governance Service of Aberdeenshire Council.
  • No Officer of the Council can promise assistance as every case is discretionary.

Match Funding

Any loan support is discretionary and will provide a maximum of one third of project costs. Six month repayment holidays may be available.

Eligible Expenditure

Eligible expenditure can include:

  • Working capital.
  • Plant and equipment.

How To Apply


Applications for assistance can be made at any time.

Frequency: Rolling programme.

Link to guidelines:


Useful information:

Applicants should contact the provider direct for further information on the application process.