Aberdeen Craft Makers Award Scheme

A scheme to support the work of resident artists and encourage innovative professional practice in contemporary crafts in Aberdeen city.

Awards are available from £500 up to maximum of £1,500.

Whilst applications can be for the full amount, this may not automatically be awarded. The panel may offer an amount other than that requested, dependant on how well the application meets key criteria, value for money and in context of demand for funds from other applicants.

Selected crafts makers will:

  • be profiled through the council’s cultural promotions;
  • where appropriate be matched up with city centre cultural organisations for additional support and mentoring.

Before You Start

Aberdeen City Council has established the Craft Makers Award Scheme in partnership with Creative Scotland.

The aim of the scheme is to support the work of resident artists and encourage innovative professional practice in contemporary crafts.


The following will not be supported through this scheme:

  • Artists undertaking full time study.
  • Artists who are currently not residents of Aberdeen City.
  • Applications submitted after the deadline date.
  • Applications for projects already started or planned to start before the notification dates.
  • Awards cannot be funded retrospectively.
  • Applications for plant equipment or business start-up costs.
  • Applications for framing costs or exhibition costs for existing work.
  • Previous recipients of this scheme, unless one calendar year has passed since completing their original award and all conditions of that award have been fully met.
  • Previous recipients who have two or more awards from the scheme previously.
  • Artists time, loss of earnings or studio rent on a pre-existing lease.
  • Anyone directly or closely involved in the Awards administration or selection process is excluded from applying to the scheme.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Artists working in contemporary crafts who are residents of Aberdeen City can apply for assistance.

The award scheme is intended to support practitioners who can demonstrate significant progression and development of practice and an ongoing commitment to their work. Previous recipients should give a clear case as to why they feel they should be awarded funding again.

Applications will be assessed against the following:

  • The expected impact of support on the applicant’s creative development.
  • A level of commitment to developing skills and ideas and achieving a body of work out with formal education.
  • The clarity of purpose behind the submission and the reasons given for applying for an award.
  • The quality of information and material supplied in support of the application.

Given the high demand for the limited sums available, applicants should ensure that their submissions include a detailed budget and a clearly presented case for an Award.

As a condition of accepting an award, successful applicants will be expected to:

  • provide a detailed report on completion of the project, including visuals and marketing material (if applicable), such as catalogue, poster or media exposure;
  • credit the scheme and its funders on any print or online publicity produced in support of the work; and
  • participate in any award scheme publicity generated by the funders.

Awards may be withheld or recalled for the following reasons:

  • The application form is subsequently found to contain false or misleading information.
  • The project cannot proceed, be completed or is cancelled prior to completion.
  • If any of the conditions in the guidelines are not met including a final report.

Match Funding

Information regarding match funding has not been stipulated.

Eligible Expenditure

Funds can help towards activities that are integral to the practitioner’s personal and professional development, such as the immediate costs of researching, creating and presenting new work or advancing skills, technical ability and ideas.

The Craft Makers Scheme is principally concerned with contemporary creative work conceived, designed and made by individual practitioners in ceramics, furniture and wood, glass, jewellery, metalwork and textiles.

How To Apply

The next deadline for this scheme will be 20 February 2017.

The supporting five images of visual material should be provided as either:

  • Quality digital images or PowerPoint saved as Jpeg files, no more than 800kb per image. These should include titles.
  • A DVD lasting in total no more than eight minutes, which may include edited pieces covering a variety of works

Catalogues and other print material should only be sent if absolutely necessary to demonstrate track record or illustrate specific artworks or installations. These should arrive by the submission deadline addressed as:

  • City Awards Scheme – Support Material
    Vibrant Aberdeen
    Education, Culture and Sport
    Aberdeen City Council
    Business Hub 13
    Second Floor North
    Marischal College
    Broad Street
    AB10 1AB

Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland cannot accept responsibility for the delivery of submissions, or the potential damage or loss of submitted material by post.