3Rs Research Funding Scheme - Project Grants

Financial assistance for UK establishments for hypothesis driven and applied research that will advance knowledge and application of the 3Rs - the basic principles which underpin the humane use of animals in scientific research.  This includes the Replacement of animals with non-animal alternatives, the Refinement of procedures to minimise suffering, and the Reduction of animal numbers used in research.

Grants for up to three years are available. There is one competition per year.

The financial support requested should be tailored by the scientific needs of the proposal.

Applications for pilot or proof of concept studies are also eligible under the scheme, to provide preliminary data for a subsequent, more substantive application. Awards are limited to a maximum of £75,000 at 80% of Full Economic Costing and 12 months duration.

Equipment costs are limited to a maximum of £20,000, including those listed under consumables.